El Lado Oscuro del Corazón

El Lado Oscuro del Corazón / The Dark Side of the Heart
Eliseo Subiela | Argentina-Canada | 1992 | Fiction | 127 min
In Memoriam: Eliseo Subiela
New York Film Academy 4/3 @ 6:45 PM 

In this masterpiece of poetry and magical realism, a narcissistic Buenos Aires poet trades words for food and falls for a prostitute who can fly.

En esta obra maestra de poesía y realismo mágico, un poeta narcisista de Buenos Aires cambia palabras por comida y se enamora de una prostituta que puede volar.


Eliseo Alberto Subiela was an Argentine film director and writer. His works are considered to be in the ‘magic realism’ genre, known for The Dark Side of the Heart (1992), Man Facing Southeast (1986), and Last Images of the Shipwreck (1989). Subiela was the father of actress, Guadalupe Subiela (who acted in her father’s film, Pequeños Milagros). He has won and been nominated for awards at the Toronto, Montreal, Berlin, Istanbul and Havana film festivals, among others.