Hombre Mirando al Sudeste

Hombre mirando sudeste / Man Facing Southeast
Eliseo Subiela | Argentina | 1986 | Fiction | 108 min
Museum of the Moving Image 3/31 @ 7:00PM


A Buenos Aires mental hospital is thrown into an uproar when a mysterious male patient appears out of nowhere. As the psychiatrists grill the stranger, he sticks to a story that suggests his origins are far from earthly.

En un manicomio en Buenos Aires aparece un día un nuevo paciente que ingresa voluntariamente con el supuesto delirio de ser un extraterrestre enviado a la Tierra a cumplir una misión.


Eliseo Alberto Subiela was an Argentine film director and writer. His works are considered to be in the ‘magic realism’ genre, known for The Dark Side of the Heart (1992), Man Facing Southeast (1986), and Last Images of the Shipwreck (1989). Subiela was the father of actress, Guadalupe Subiela (who acted in her father’s film, Pequeños Milagros). He has won and been nominated for awards at the Toronto, Montreal, Berlin, Istanbul and Havana film festivals, among others.