Más Vampiros en La Habana

Más vampiros en La Habana /
More Vampires in Havana
Juan Padrón | Cuba | 2003 | Animation | 80 min
The Clemente 4/5 @ 7:00 PM – Director Juan Padrón present for Q&A
(Free & Open to the Public)

In 1933 the scientist Von Dracula invented Vampisun, a drink that would let vampires live in the sun. The Nostra Cape and the European Vampire Group fought in Havana over the control of Vampisun, but Pepe, the nephew of Von Dracula, changed the Vampisun formula for warlike things and saved his son, who had invented an even-more powerful vampisun: the Vampiyaba.

En 1933 el cientifico Von Drácula inventó el Vampisol, una bebida que permite a los vampiros vivir al sol. La Capa Nostra y el Grupo Vampiro Europeo se enfrentan en La Habana para controlar el Vampisol, pero el sobrino do Von Drácula cambió la fórumla para salvar a su hijo, quien ha inventado el Vampiyaba.


Juan Padrón since 1963 has published sketches and cartoons for Cuban magazines and newspapers. He was the creator, in 1970, of Elpidio Valdés, a cartoon character (and series) with more than sixty shorts and two feature-length movies. Padrón received international acclaim for Vampires in Havana, an adult-oriented comedy feature that gathered a cult following abroad.

Padrón has directed six animated feature films in total, along with many shorts, especially those with Elpidio Valdés as the main characher; and the one-minute comedy sketches for adults “Filminutos”. In 2008, Padrón was selected as the recipient of Cuba’s National Film Award.