Ricardo Aguilar Navarro & Manolito Rodríguez | Panama | 2016 | Fiction | 95 min | NY PREMIERE
SVA Theatre 3/31 @ 3:00PM
SVA Theatre 4/2 @ 2:45PM – Director Ricard Aguilar present for Q&A



Salsipuedes follows the story of a young man returning from the USA to his homeland of Panama, where he meets his estranged father, a former boxer who spent his son’s childhood in prison.

Salsipuedes sigue la historia de un joven quien vuelve a Panamá después de muchos años viviendo en EEUU. Allí se encontrará con su padre, un ex-boxeador quien ha pasado a la mayoría de la infancia de su hijo en la cárcel.


Ricardo Aguilar Navarro is a Panamanian filmmaker and producer. He studied marketing and film production. He was Production Manager for Medcom, one of the main TV stations in Panama. During that time he also produced major media events in Panama and also produced the television series “Vivimos un secreto” and the Teleplay ̈”Marea Roja”. Nowadays he runs the Audio Visual Department of the Panama Canal Authority producing videos, documentaries and educational movies for different audiences and for the Panama Canal TV channel. Salsipuedes (2016) is his feature directorial debut.

Manolito Rodríguez is a Cuban filmmaker and screenwriter. He studied Drama at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana and Scriptwriting at the International School of Film and Television in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. As a screenwriter he has worked in several award winning Latin American productions such as: “Madagascar”, by Cuban director Fernando Pérez, “Viva Cuba” by Juan Carlos Cremata, “El Cayo de la Muerte” by Brazilian director Wolney Oliveira and “El Último Comandante” a Brazil- Costa Rica co-production directed by Vicente Ferraz & Isabel Martínez. Salsipuedes (2016) is his feature directorial debut.