Translúcido / Translucid
Leonard Zelig | Ecuador-USA | 2016 | Fiction | 86 min | U.S. PREMIERE
SVA Theatre 4/2 @ 9:00PM – Director Leonard Zeligo & actor Roberto Manrique present for Q&A
AMC Loews 34th St. 4/6 @ 9:20PM
Director present for Q&A


Rubén has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. He has three months to live or about a 1½ years with treatment. He decides to end his life with dignity, without loose ends.

Rubén ha sido diagnosticado de cáncer pancreático terminal. Tiene tres meses de vida o un año y medio de tratamiento. Este es su último día en la tierra y quiere irse con dignidad, sin dejar cabo sueltos.


Leonard Zelig is an award-winning film and theater director with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Recent awards include – the prestigious Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors Award as Best Director for the Retablo Hispanic Theater’s production “An Empty Shoebox”, where he shared the stage with Alfonso Cuaron and Alfred Molina (2004) and the International ACE Award as Best Producer for the play “Happy With My Mojo” (2005).

He received a great education. But when he realized that it interfered with his understanding, he decided to become uneducated. He loves, sex, justice, higher conscious, beauty, curiosity, freedom, empathy, art, explorations, truth, learning, laughter, purpose, science, friends, eating, video games, nature, adventure, animals, diversity, oneness, fútbol. He hates greed, indifference, evil corporations, injustice, division, control, authority, labels, walls, liver, dishonesty, borders, radicals, interruptions, lies, ignorance. He shares his view to create social impact.