Lost But Not Forgotten: The Enduring and Newly Restored Work of Enrique Pineda Barnet & Juan Carlos Tabío

Over the past year  we have lost some major figures in Cuban cinema— director and actor Enrique Pineda Barnet (1933-2021), director and screenwriter Juan Carlos Tabío (1943-2021), cinematographer Raul Perez Ureta (1942-2021), and actress Broselianda Hernandez (1964-2020), among others.

In memory of their contributions to the field the Havana Film Festival NY wants to pay tribute to the two beloved directors: Pineda Barnet, the genius behind films that offered a very rich introspective and experimental perspective as a path to generations of Latin American filmmakers interested in exploring the concept of avant-garde cinema (Soy Cuba, La Bella de la Alhambra, Cosmorama, Giselle)  and to the master of laughter, Tabío, who proved comedy in cinema is a serious matter that can teach us a lot about ourselves and the society we live in without relying on political rhetoric (Lista de Espera, Guantanamera, Plaff, El Cuerno de la Abundancia, Se Permuta).


Enrique Pineda Barnet | Cuba | Docu-Fiction | 1965 | 90min

Giselle Poster possible

In his newly restored thrilling performance film, Enrique Pineda Barnet follows Cuba’s greatest ballet dancer, Alicia Alonso, halfway between documentary and fiction in her acclaimed portrayal of Giselle in the eponymous ballet that made Alonso an international star. The tale follows Duke Albrecht as he disguises himself as a peasant to win the love of the beautiful Giselle.


Juan Carlos Tabío | Cuba | Fiction | 1983 | 103min

Se Permuta afiche

As a tribute to Juan Carlos Tabío, HFFNY is screening the newly restored version of his charming farce about Cuba’s housing shortage: Se Permuta (House for Swap). The first sitcom ever produced by Cuba’s film institute, it was widely received as a hilarious guide to the state of the heart of Cuban society.