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Documentary | 57 Min | Margo Guernsey | United States, Puerto Rico

Film Info

  • Director: Margo Guernsey
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Country: United States, Puerto Rico
  • Language: English, Spanish with English subtitles

Film Showtimes

Show Date

  • 2019-04-11

Show times

  • 3:15 PM

Show Date

  • 2019-04-13

Show times

  • 5:05 PM

Film Story

Politicians aren’t often full-time hotel housekeepers, grandmothers, union members and immigrants working service jobs. But Carmen Castillo changes that when she wins a seat on the City Council in Providence, Rhode Island. Carmen Castillo is a Dominican City Councilwoman who maintains her job cleaning hotel rooms, as she takes on her new role in politics. She faces skeptics who say she doesn’t have the education to govern, the power of corporate interests who take a stand against her fight for a $15/hourly wage in the City, and a tough re-election against two contenders—all of this while balancing the challenges of managing a full-time job cleaning hotel rooms, and a personal relationship. It’s a journey behind the scenes of politics after the victory.

Awards & Festivals

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
Salem Film Festival
San Diego Latino Film Festival

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Film Director

Margo Guernsey is the Director and Principal of Time Travel Productions LLC, which she founded in 2012 to produce documentary films and related media. Margo’s feature directorial debut COUNCILWOMAN is touring the country and will air on America ReFramed in fall 2019. Margo began her film career in 2010 as a producer at WPBT2 (Miami), and produced industrial videos in the Boston area for 7 years. Over the past 20 years, Margo has worked as a union organizer, non-profit development director, Spanish/English translator and media instructor, always building multi-racial collaborations across class lines to inform the work of building a more just society. Margo works with teams that reflect the subjects in the film as a cornerstone of her artistic process. She is passionate about distributing documentary film in new ways, to empower people, and shift narratives. She has an MFA in Film (University of Miami), MA in History (Umass/Amherst), and a BA in History (Brown University). She speaks both Spanish and English, and is a proud Mama of two young children.