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The 5th Havana Film Festival in New York
Coming Spring 2004

The Havana Film Festival in New York was seen by many as a challenge. After five years, this challenge has turned into a success. A theater is a safe haven where we console and cheer ourselves in times of uncertainty. There is no difference between a tale coming from the director’s imagination or a personal experience narrated in a documentary. We understand better through images why hate, bigotry and cruelty can be part of our lives. More importantly, we learn that tolerance, love and forgiveness are possible ways to face life. Films help us to discover different realities and be open to them.

In five years we have had over 32,000 people attending events in three boroughs (Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx), more than 200 movies screened, and the presence of remarkable guests such as Humberto Solas, Pastor Vega, Eliseo Subiela, Fernando Birri, Jorge Ali Triana, Daisy Granados, Daniel Diaz Torres, Lisandro Duque, Malena Roncayolo, Renato Falcao, Pablo Macaya, Adela Legra, Humberto Padron, Orlando Rojas, and Mario Mandujano.

In our fifth anniversary we continue breaking stereotypes and changing the perception of Latino identity with movies coming from Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Chile.

We have created special programs that combine the creative strength and the diverse aesthetics of Latin American culture:

-A retrospective of films by Fernando Perez (Cuba)

-A tribute to renowned director Jacobo Morales (Puerto Rico) -Premiere and award winning films -Cuban and Latin American Classics

-A selection of dance films featuring salsa, tango and cha cha cha

-Panel discussions with experts in Cuban and Latin American cinema, nightlife events and live concerts

In its fifth edition, HFFNY2004 will bring more plurality, vision, and genres by presenting cutting edge narrative, documentary and short films coming from Latin American and Caribbean countries.